Theupstreamboat.com sails upstream. It powers through evidence-based behavioural theories, intervening models, frameworks, and tools.

The boat mission:

To improve access to published literature on public health-focused behavioural interventions grounded on the upstream social determinants of health approach.

Behavior Change Wheel

Theupstreamboat.com favours the “behaviour change wheel” because it makes the boat’s journeys easy to navigate. However, it journeys its own but evidence-informed pathways.

About the wheel

The wheel creators – Prof. Susan Michie, Lou Atkins, Robert West – have stirred 19 behaviour change frameworks through a systematic review methodology;; the result is this wheel.

As we can see in Figure 1, the wheel includes three coloured layers covering the hub: the innermost green layer, the middle red layer, and the outermost ash layer. The hub represents the sources of behaviours. It uses the COM-B model;

  • C = Capability
  • O = Opportunity
  • M= Motivation
  • B = Behavior
Figure 1: The Behavior Change Wheel:
Michie S, Atkins L, West R. (2014) The Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions. London: Silverback Publishing; www.behaviourchangewheel.com

The COM-B analyses the behaviour; based on its findings, one has to choose one or more interventions from the middle layer. The outer rim of the wheel contains seven policy categories, again we have to choose, that create favourable environments for the implementations of the chosen interventions, and more importantly to maintain the new behaviours.