Theupstreamboat sails upstream in public health via the imaginary upstream-midstream-downstream metaphor.

Dark blue tortuous lines tapering upward with a blue boar with its upper part
Upstream-midstream-downstream metaphor

Evidence-informed public health-focused behavioural theories, intervening models, frameworks, and tools power this imaginary boat.

The upstream boat mission:

To empower upstream public health promoters by creating an easily accessible upstream public health tool library.

Primary target audience:

  • Community groups, societies, and organizations in Ontario
  • Health promoters,
  • Program managers, college
  • Students.

Who is behind this upstream public health project?

Prasantha De Silva, a community medicine physician from Sri Lanka, and research analyst in Ontario is behind this project. Several other experts support this initiative as well.

Anyone interested is welcome to make this project successful.

Prasantha De Silva can be reached at,

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