Coronavirus (COVID-19) tracker
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Track the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: real-time interactive map

Here is the link:

The above tracker is interactive. It was developed by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering in the Whiting School of Engineering of the John’s Hopkins University

It is definitely a super useful real-time interactive global GIS map for us to track how the COVID-19 (the new coronavirus) creating havoc around the world.

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Corona Virus epidemic updates

The World Health Organization (WHO) published the following video clip about this virus’s trajectory. It provides a clear account of this tiny tine beast’s attack on us.

An informational video clip from the WHO:

What happens with the onset of first symptoms

The timeline that appears below depicts what happens after the first symptoms emerge. This is based on the followup of 41 patients who admitted to a hospital in China before January 24, 2020. The beast took the lives of six of them.

A timeline of COVID-19 after the first symptoms appear (source: The Lancet:

The above timeline appeared in The Lancet paper published on January 24, 2020: