US COVID-19 pandemic: Cases vs deaths paradox

The US CDC data reveals an interesting age-specific case versus deaths paradox.

Look at the following graph. I created the graph using data available at the US CDC website.

US COVID-19 cases versus deaths paradox
(Data source: US CDC)
  • Of all the COVID-19 cases, 85.6 percent occurred among those aged equal and below 64 years.
  • In contrast, of all the COVID-19 deaths, 80.6 percent occurred among those aged 65 and above.

Now, my message is clear and straightforward based on this graph: Minimize the contact between these two age groups.

How can we minimize the contacts between these two age groups?

My suggestions are;

  • Provide financial and other incentives to those aged 65 and above to stay at home.
  • Mobilize all regional and local community organizations and all faith groups to create supportive environments to separate the two groups.

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