When and how to wear a face mask

Even almost a year after the covid19 pandemic, reminding ourselves when and how to wear a face mask continues to become a life-saving activity.

Wearing a face mask alone is inadequate to combat this pandemic.

However, wearing a face mask is essential to combat this pandemic. This post reminds us of the basic rules of when and how to wear a face mask as recommended by the World Health Organization.

How to wear a medical or surgical mask

  • Wash hands before touching the mask
  • cover nose, mouth, and chin (my emphasis: at all times; it cannot be below the nose! not an easy task)
  • Wash hands after taking off the mask

What type of a mask?

Medical or surgical masks, if you are,

  • over 60
  • have a medical condition
  • feeling unwell
  • looking after an ill family member

Who should wear medical or surgical mask, when and where?

Otherwise, you can wear a fabric mask.

How to wear a fabric mask

How to wear a fabric mask (source: World Health Organization)

What type of fabric?

When and how children should wear a mask


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