How to create an asset map with Google My Maps

A previous post discussed how community asset mapping benefits health promoters. This post describes how I created a visual asset map using the freely available Google My Maps tool.

In this project, I chose stroke survivors and their caregivers as my target audience. It was because of a project that I have been working on:

I chose a specific geographical location Etobicoke North in Toronto for this activity since I live in Toronto.

The steps I followed

Step 1: Entered the Google My Maps.

I entered the Google My Maps landing page through this link: Then, I clicked the “get started” button.

Step 2: Create a new map and name it.

Now, I landed on the following page.I clicked the “Create a new map” button on a red background.

Then, I landed on the following page. Next, I clicked the “untitled map” button.

It took me to the following window. I edited it with my map title and description.

Step 3: Defined the boundaries

Then, I followed the steps below to demarcate my geographic boundaries.

  • Clicked the “add line or shape” icon that appears just below the search box,
  • Drew the line along previously determined boundaries. I completed the whole polygon as one activity. This step is critical. After completing the polygon, I received the option of choosing any color to highlight the area and even increase the line thickness.

Step 4: Added the assets to the map

I followed the steps below to add the assets to the map.

  • Typed the previously determined assets in the search box. For example, I typed and chose “Etobicoke General Hospital”. Here, I had the option of adding its image by choosing the image web link. Using the toolbar in the little window, I edited the color of the marker. It had the option of adding a video link and a little description, contact person, phone number etc.

Similarly, I kept on adding assets useful for my target audience. I ended up with the following map.

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